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Explore the wonderful world of Belle and Boo. Jjoin Belle and Boo’s awesome adventures and learn from their experiences. The world of Belle and Boo is full of love, warmth, friendship and loyalty and values that should be imparted to children.

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Welcome to Belle and Boo

The amazing world of two wonderful friends.

Belle is a precocious little girl who is curious about a lot of things in the world. She has a best friend, a little bunny called Boo who makes her life very interesting as she goes with her in all of her adventures. Belle and Boo are the best of friends. They spend a lot of time together, playing, going on adventures, reading, studying and plotting their next schemes inside Belle’s  overhead garage door in Wichita.

Belle and Boo is the creation of Marnie, an illustrator who herself has grown up with a pet bunny and spent her childhood quite happily. Marnie wanted to share to the world her joys growing up in order to inspire children to be carefree and to be free in creating their own worlds and imagining a great future for themselves.

Belle and Boo have lots of stories that have been published. It is the goal of this website to promote these story books so that more children and their parents will know their stories and the good messages that they impart.

This Belle and Boo website has been created in order for you to get a feel of our Belle and Boo publications and get an inside look at what each of our publications looks like. At the same time, this website is also promoting all merchandise related to Belle and Boo.

Our story books come in printed format. However, we also sell audio books and videos so that your children can learn from them as well. We believe in stimulating the audio and visual senses of children so that it’s faster for them to assimilate and learn the good messages that we impart.